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WINTER 2022 / 2023

When it comes to the question of whether the pandemic is already over and we are now in an endemic state or not, the opinions of the experts differ. Whether pandemic or endemic: It is undisputed that COVID-19 is still here and will not leave so quickly. On the contrary: In medicine, «endemic» means that cases of a disease in a certain population or in a limited region occur continuously. The term also says nothing about the severity of the course of the disease. AIDS and malaria are just some of the diseases that are endemic and have lost nothing of their danger to the individual. 

Especially now, when measures no longer apply and we only rely on individual responsibility, an adequate education and information of the population is more important than ever.
While in Germany the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Ministry of Health carry out this important task, we unfortunately no longer have a public institution in Switzerland that carries out really actively appropriate campaigns to inform people about it, what is a meaningful behavior at the moment, what is not, and how to continue to protect yourself and others. For this reason, private citizens who follow science, based on the RKI flyer ««Ein Werkzeugkasten gegen akute Atemwegsinfektionen – Wie können wir uns vor Erkrankungen wie COVID-19 und Grippe schützen?» developed an adapted and supplemented version for Switzerland in the form of this website.
The purpose is to spread this important message as widely as possible in our country, too.